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A brief description about hands on cleaners, what services and goals the management have.
We are independent providers of health and social care. We are among the leading health and social care companies in the UK, providing the highest level of services which include, but not limited to, 24 hours live-in, respite care, dementia care, emergency and holiday care services, independent living support, hosipital discharge support and special needs support.

Because we understand that it is the little things like assistance with shopping, picking up prescriptions, help with doing certain hobbies like reading and housekeeping that matter the most to many of us... our carers are extensively vetted and we are a diverse team with one thing in common... we love what we do. This way we can guarantee a personalised service to make sure each carer has that individual relationship and understanding, besides providing a service alone.

Choosing hands on carers would mean, no need to move to a care home as you will always have a compassionate and fully trained staff who respects your home, privacy and mos importantly, your flexibily on a day-by-day basis. And if it is the care for a child that you need, our care team have practical experience in dealing with challenging behaviours, autistic spectrum disorders, complex health needs, physical disabilities and sensory impairment... this way, we can offer even temporary care while the parent or the guardian is in hospital, recovering from an illness, and even for something as small as planning a holiday fo an anniversary.

Our main aim and passion is to bring out the whole person behind whatever condition it might be so that we can maintain their confidence, independence and lifestyle. We talk to families, where need be, to find out what is important, what the individual can do and what they need to achieve from the care and support, to provide a tailored domiciliary care and support.

Please contact our Hands On Carers team to enquire about the care and support services for yourself, or a loved one, today. HERE:


A recommendation from a recent client or staff.


A recommendation from a recent client or staff.


A recommendation from a recent client or staff.


A recommendation from a recent client or staff.